Considerations For Sound Insulation

Sound insulation applications have gained importance in homes in recent years as well as in the fields of Sound Recording Studios, industry, and production. Especially after the construction of earthquake-resistant houses, the increase in concrete quality and iron ratio facilitated the transition of impact-induced sound, and the deceleration of the walls and the passage of air-born sounds between the walls also increased. Especially after the earthquake, most buildings have problems with sound insulation. Subsequent sound insulation applications can have a lot of effects in some cases, and in some cases, the desired level of performance cannot be obtained. The reason for this is due to the poor quality of materials in some cases, as some applications must be carried out during the construction phase. As well as the presence of traditional sound insulation materials on the market, composite new generation insulation materials are available that offer professional solutions. The “Lavapan” product developed by LAVA AKUSTIK is also a composite product, but it is a highly effective and result-oriented insulation material in sound insulation.
Sound insulation products are manufactured to avoid passing sound and absorbing sound. Products containing a single material either try to cut the sound or develop it on absorbing the sound. But sound insulation is a very complex event, usually, results cannot be obtained from insulation applications made by relying on a single product. The application of sound insulation should be considered as a whole. As much as the material, the application should be done correctly and the materials used should be applied in the right place, which extremely affects the result. For this reason, pre-application advice should be obtained or applications should be initiated with correct information. Most information found on the internet has not been tested and has nothing to do with its accuracy. Examine the applications of the company where you will receive consulting, look at the examples, try to get information about the company by accessing its links.
LAVA AKUSTIK has delivered hundreds of acoustically sound insulation applications in a professional, fast and economical way. Have worked with dozens of corporate companies, as well as dealing with individual customers in detail, correctly identified problems, and solved problems promptly.
To achieve a good result in sound insulation, knowing that the problem passes through correct detection, LAVA AKUSTIK has never compromised this principle and has correctly identified all the problems found in its projects.