Lava Akustik uses all the innovations brought by the era with the development of acoustic technology to the last drop of technology in the production and application phase. It minimizes errors thanks to the technical tools it uses in its applications. Especially in sound insulation applications, the importance of the technology used in capturing very high performance is high.
Thanks to the technological innovations used in the production of acoustic panels, the panels produced by Lava Akustik are ergonomic, functional and extremely aesthetic. It adds functionality to spaces, as well as aesthetically enriches spaces.
Our products are protected after long R & D and innovation processes and after passing (PATENT) strength tests, they are decommissioned into mass production. All products go through boutique production and are carefully prepared. Our products are tested by institutions such as TURKAK (TSE), recognized by the European Accreditation Association (EA) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Association (ILAC).