Occupational Health and Safety Environmental Policy

We as Lava Akustik;
As Turkey’s leading manufacturer of acoustic Panels & studio furniture, we are aware of our responsibility for a sustainable world. With the team formed by our employees, whose awareness and participation are at a high level,
Applying Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System Requirements,
Preventing environmental pollution and identifying any negative effects that may harm human health & safety, controlling and protecting,
Prevent all injuries and health impairments, especially those caused by unsafe behavior,
We aim for continuous improvement.
In line with this;
Comply with the legal legislation, compliance obligations, and requirements of the organizations to which we are a member,
Correct and efficient use of energy, especially natural gas and electricity, and reduce the consumption of Natural Resources,
To ensure pollution prevention and environmental protection by minimizing ecological effects in our products and processes by using secondary raw materials as much as possible for sustainability,
To use the most reliable and environmentally damaging technology and raw materials in terms of Occupational Health and safety to the extent that technical and financial opportunities are available,
Identify hazards that may lead to accidents and occupational diseases and achieve the zero accident target by reducing it to an acceptable level of risk,
To take the necessary measures in place and in time by determining the dimensions that may cause environmental pollution in advance,
Providing training to our employees that will raise awareness of “safe behavior” and “Environmental Protection”,
Consult with our employees and employee representatives in our processes affecting the performance of the environment, OHS, and develop methods that will ensure the participation of all our stakeholders,
To define our goals from a life cycle perspective by taking into account all our risks and opportunities that affect our environment and OHS performance,
As the Lava Akustik family, we are committed.