About Us

Lava Akustik is an ever-growing young and dynamic company founded in 2013. Lava Akustik, which constantly develops itself with an innovative perspective that leads the sector, responds to the requirements of acoustic needs, while it has adopted the principle of providing comfortable, modern, and high-quality projects that also think about and guide your future. In particular, it has achieved the same success in acoustic arrangements by taking the success it has achieved in sound insulation applications one step further. Having started to produce acoustic panels in 2014, the company started to produce more ergonomic, portable, and aesthetic acoustic panels and studio furniture & accessories at the beginning of 2016.
Golden SUMMIT Awards 2020 held in Turkey (GOLDEN SUMMIT AWARDS 2020) – “most successful acoustic design and application company” Award winner Turkey’s number one of acoustic panel and studio furniture manufacturer Lava Akustik, both in Turkey and around the world continues to win the hearts of users with popular designs.
It aims to provide the most appropriate and quality solutions to the customer’s demands by keeping customer satisfaction and budget at the forefront. With the awareness of the importance of the right choice between sound insulation materials, the correct determination is made by the experts in its structure and each product uses quality products for your sound and noise problems with its deciduous properties. Lava Akustik products have undergone the necessary tests and are in European standards.