Lava Akustik applications are collected in 2 main titles. In the form of sound insulation and acoustic arrangement applications. Sound insulation applications and acoustic applications are widely mixed. In some cases, new misconceptions such as acoustic insulation, acoustic sound insulation are derived and widely circulated on the internet. Acoustic arrangements with sound insulation are very different applications. The results that are tried to be obtained with these applications also differ. Acoustic regulation is an event related to the regulation of sound behavior in the room, while sound decoupling is related to the transition of sound between two environments.
Lava Akustik uses products that are in European standards for sound insulation, do not contain carcinogenic substances, while it also uses acoustic panels produced from natural weighted material, which is its production, in its acoustic arrangements.
As you can get advice from Lava Akustik on the application, it always helps you with the application and materials with a professional team.