Payment Options

You can pay and order from our company with the following options.

You can purchase products with a cash payment by making an appointment in advance from our head office.

Wire transfer / EFT

You can send payments through your bank via Pocket/ ATMs/ branches/ Web. After your payments are forwarded to our accounts, your order will be queued immediately. Remittances are immediately sent to our accounts, and EFT payments are sent to our accounts until 17:00 on the same day, depending on the delivery of your bank.

Online Payments (Debit/Credit Card)

You can make your payment online via the site with options such as debit cards or credit cards. After payment, your order will be queued immediately. Information such as card information and your password cannot be stored, copied, or stolen in our system. You can shop with confidence through our site with SSL certificates. The difference in a commission that banks will receive will be added to the prices. For installment purchases, the interest rate of your bank will also be added to the prices.