Usage Recommendations for Lava Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are used to remove sound disorders that occur when sound waves of different sizes ( bass – treble ) formed in the room are reflected from wall surfaces and intersect. As an example, a 100 Hz sound wave reaches the user directly and hits the ceiling/floor and two side and back walls. The sound wave reaches the user at different times according to the distance it receives inside the room. Sound waves reaching at different times create a mess. However, these waves, which travel through the room by reflecting, intersect in 3 ways at different points. These points vary according to wave type ( Hz ) and room sizes. According to the intersection format, the sound at these points is heard differently from +/- 5 dB. As an example, bass sounds that are heard at one point disappear at another. At another point, it explodes.
” To avoid this, it is necessary to prevent the sound coming out of the monitors from being reflected and reaching the user. You can easily achieve this by using absorbers, reflectors, or bass traps. ”
According to the purpose of use of the place, you can edit the rates of absorbers/diffusers and bass trap according to the taste or purpose of the hearing. Generally, the biggest problem for those who deal with music is that bass sounds are not heard correctly, so they need to use products that are more focused on bass sounds in the venue.
In recording studios, absorbers and diffusers focused on bass or middle and high-pitched sounds are used according to the recordings of vocal or contemporary instruments. Mixed in home cinemas or hobby rooms, and in restaurants or meeting rooms, products that can add design to space and have maximum absorption are used.
The frequencies that will experience the most problems in professional audio listening rooms can be learned from the simulator below. According to the results obtained in the horizontal ( wall ) and ceiling ( vertical ) situation, you can easily apply it in your space according to the room layout plan by choosing according to the sound absorbing capacity of our products.