Acoustic Arrangement Considerations

The most important of the considerations that should be considered in the acoustic arrangement are the physical structure of the space, what purpose space will serve and the equipment used. The places that require the most acoustic arrangement are sound recording and studios, private home theater rooms, hi-fi rooms, music rooms and classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, restaurants. In addition, it is possible to prevent the formation of excess sound by making acoustic arrangements to reduce sound in industrial areas.
Acoustic problems are usually caused by the echo problem when a hobby or educational activities are performed in places divided into different uses in homes. These problems can be solved by equipping spaces with maximum absorbing items without spending too much. Although not professional, the acoustic arrangement can be helped with items such as carpets, seats, and curtains. But due to the size of the room, you need to use more professional acoustic panels to eliminate acoustic problems caused by the intersection of sound waves of different frequencies. The panels produced by LAVA AKUSTIK have been developed to solve problems at different frequencies.
By entering room sizes from the link below, you can determine which frequencies and which regions will occur. In this way, you can also make panel layouts yourself, considering the panel properties produced by LAVA AKUSTIK.