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Rezo – Musical Instrument: Acoustic Lava Series:

Carefully designed by the Lava Acoustic brand, the Rezo – Musical Instrument offers a perfect choice for music lovers by combining acoustic performance and elegant design. Whether used for meditation, education, hobby, yoga, or any music-related activity, the Rezo – Musical Instrument will provide you with a unique experience.


  • Rezo – Music Instrument: Offering rich and full sounds through its metal alloy sound bar and beechwood-reinforced resonator body.
  • 10 Notes: With a range of notes from C5 to E6, the instrument can be played in the C major scale. Tones: C5, D5, E5, F5, G5, A5, B5, C6, D6, E6.
  • Dimensions: The sound bar has a width of 52 cm, a length of 37 cm, and a thickness of 6 cm. These compact dimensions allow you to comfortably carry and use the instrument.
  • Carrying Case: The carrying case provided with the Rezo – Musical Instrument is ideal for protecting the instrument and taking it with you on your travels.
  • Two Types of Mallets: Soft and hard mallets are included, allowing you to choose according to your playing style and the desired sound character.
  • Applications: The Rezo – Musical Instrument is an excellent tool for meditation, education, hobbies, yoga, and other music-related activities.
  • Sound Bar Color and Material: The metal alloy sound bar offers durability and superior sound quality. The metal color of the sound bar complements the instrument’s stylish and modern appearance.

Product Details

37 cm
6 cm
52 cm
Metal, Kontrplak