Piano Premium – Acoustic Panel Package

7 pieces Piano Premium Pack

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Piano Premium Acoustic Panel Pack: Economical and Effective Sound Control Solution

The Piano Premium Acoustic Panel Pack is an ideal choice for both beginners and those looking for an economical solution, thanks to its ergonomic and aesthetic design. This pack includes 6 “High Wave” acoustic panels, 1 “Flat Wood Pro60”, and 5 three-step footrests.

Enhance Your Space’s Sound Quality with Piano Premium Acoustic Panel Pack

The Piano Premium Acoustic Panel Pack is specially designed to surround the piano. This ensures that the sound of the piano is heard accurately and clearly. It helps to reduce the high costs of acoustic adjustment, and also prevents the room from transforming too much into a sound studio.

Unique Materials and Exclusive Design

The Piano Premium Acoustic Panel Pack is designed using special materials to control sound and improve the acoustic environment. The materials used provide a high level of sound absorption and allow for easy installation due to their lightweight nature. The panels can be mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling.

Mobile and User-Friendly Design

The Piano Premium Acoustic Panel Pack features a design that can be easily disassembled and assembled. This feature allows the panels to be easily installed when work is being done, disassembled when not in use, or easily moved to another location.

Increase Sound Quality and Reduce Disturbances

The Piano Premium Acoustic Panel Pack is an effective solution designed to increase sound quality. It offers an effective method for reducing noise and interference, thus improving the acoustic environment of your work and living spaces. These panels are an ideal choice for anyone wanting to add aesthetic value, improve sound quality, or reduce external noise.

Product Details

60 cm
60 cm
130 cm + 10x10x185 cm
16.5 kg
Golden Oak, Black
Acoustic Foam & PlyWood
Flammability class
Furniture Class
Cargo Volume
0.55 m3
Cargo Weight
19 kg

Areas of usage

  • Control Room
  • Recording Room
  • Home Studio
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Post & Production Studio
  • Vocal Booth
  • Drum Booth
  • Home Theater
  • Hi-Fi