Pixel Diffuser – Acoustic Panel

Piksel Difizör - Yutucu ve Yansıtıcı Akustik Panel

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255.00 $

New generation Pixel diffuser acoustic Panel designed by Lava Akustik. It measures 60×90 cm and measures around 70×100 cm when taken with the frame. This product, which is 2.2 kilograms and is based on an acoustic sponge, can be hung easily like a painting.

Designed specially for the halls of houses and with a coating close to the texture of real oil paint, it adds elegance to the spaces.

The images sent to us with a special option can be transferred to the next generation diffuser panel by UV printing method.

Product Details

60 cm
6 cm
90 cm
2.2 kg
Colorli Baskı
Baskılı Golden Oak & Acoustic Foam
Flammability class
Furniture Class
Cargo Volume
0.07 m3
Cargo Weight
3.5 kg

Areas of usage

  • Control Room
  • Recording Room
  • Home Studio
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Post & Production Studio
  • Vocal Booth
  • Drum Booth
  • Home Theater
  • Hi-Fi
  • Meeting Room
  • Audiotorium
  • Office