Lava Akustik – Lv 28 Stabilizer

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Lava Acoustic LV 28 Stabilizer: Professional Vibration Absorber for Your Sound Monitors

The Lava Acoustic – LV 28 Stabilizer is a unique product designed specifically for 8-inch monitors and stands out with its vibration absorber/stabilizer feature. Thanks to its flexibility and usability, with the ability to angle forwards, backwards or flat due to its 180-degree rotating lower part, this stabilizer is designed to optimize the performance of your sound monitors with its proven quality and superior resonance vibration absorption features.

Enhance Your Sound Experience with Lava Acoustic LV 28 Stabilizer

The Lava Acoustic Stabilizer is specially designed to absorb unwanted vibrations in sound monitors and thereby maximize sound quality. The LV 28 Stabilizer is the ideal choice for perfectly balancing and enhancing the performance of any sound monitor.
The LV 28 Stabilizer absorbs vibrations and thus enriches your sound experience. By blocking any vibration that may occur in your sound monitor, it helps to transmit the sound in its most natural and clean form. The high-performance sound stabilizer LV 28 from Lava Acoustic is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to maximize the performance of their sound monitors.

Unique Design and Usability

The Lava Acoustic LV 28 Stabilizer is specially designed to absorb unwanted resonances and vibrations under your monitor, with the aim of improving sound quality. Thanks to its unique design, it can give flexible angles forward, backward or flat with its 180-degree rotating bottom part. Moreover, this stabilizer saves energy with its lightless economic version.

Optimum Sound Quality with Effective Resonance Absorber

The ability to absorb resonances and vibrations is one of the most striking and effective features of the Lava Acoustic LV 28 Stabilizer. It’s an excellent choice to enhance the performance of your sound monitor with its proven quality resonance vibration absorber. With its user-friendly features, unique design, and impressive performance, the Lava Acoustic LV 28 Stabilizer takes your entire sound experience to the next level. Whether you want to improve sound quality, maximize your sound experience, or just keep your monitor stable, this stabilizer is designed to meet your and your sound monitors’ needs.

Product Details

28 cm
28 cm
75 mm
1.75 kg
Metal - Foam & EVA
Flammability class
Furniture Class
Cargo Volume
0,02 m3
Cargo Weight
2.2 kg

Areas of usage

  • Control Room
  • Recording Room
  • Home Studio
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Post & Production Studio