High Wave Pro – Acoustic Panel

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High Wave Pro Acoustic Panel: The Best Solution for Professional Sound Management

High Wave Pro Acoustic Panel is a preferred product by professionals thanks to its developed flexible plywood trap system that captures and distributes low-frequency (bass) sounds effectively. Designed to manage “bass” sounds effectively, the High Wave Pro Acoustic Panel easily achieves a C|(αw) = 1.00 value with its linearly increasing performance up to 250 Hz after 63 Hz. This product performs significantly above standards with an extra 35% performance after 250 Hz.

Professional Sound Experience with High Wave Pro Acoustic Panels

High Wave Pro Acoustic Panels are specially designed to capture and distribute low-frequency sounds effectively. Standing out with high performance in sound management, High Wave Pro Acoustic Panels offer a linearly increasing performance from 63 Hz to 250 Hz.
High Wave Pro Acoustic Panels trap low-frequency sounds and eliminate echoes while keeping the room lively. With these features, they are an ideal choice for professionals seeking a high-quality acoustic panel solution.

Technological Materials and Superior Design

High Wave Pro Acoustic Panels are made from specially developed plywood material with unique technology to trap low-frequency sounds and improve sound quality. These panels consist of lightweight and durable materials that offer easy installation and assembly, making them easy to mount wherever desired.

Effective Traps for Sound Management

Traps with a feature to capture low-frequency sounds are designed extremely effectively. With high performance, user-friendly features, and original design, High Wave Pro Acoustic Panels provide a professional solution for sound management. Whether you want to improve sound quality, eliminate echoes, or add aesthetic value to your space, these panels are designed to meet your needs and those of your space.

Product Details

60 cm
16.5 cm
60 cm
1.75 kg
Golden Oak, Black
Acoustic Foam & PlyWood
Flammability class
Furniture Class
Absorption range
100+ Hz
C | (αw) = 1,00
Cargo Volume
0.08 m3
Cargo Weight
2.9 kg

Areas of usage

  • Control Room
  • Recording Room
  • Home Studio
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Post & Production Studio
  • Vocal Booth
  • Drum Booth
  • Home Theater
  • Hi-Fi
  • Meeting Room
  • Audiotorium
  • Office


High Wave Pro – Acoustic Panel Absorption Coefficient