Guitar Amp Pro – Acoustic Panel Package

10-piece guitar amp package

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Guitar Amp Pro – Acoustic Panel Package: The Choice of Professionals

The Guitar Amp Pro Acoustic Panel Package is a favorite among professionals, offering a first-class acoustic solution in an easily transportable form for large amplifiers. This package comes with 8 “High Wave” and 2 “Mosaic Diffuser Pro” acoustic panels, along with 5 two-tiered pedestals.

Universal Acoustic Adjustment with Guitar Amp Pro

The Guitar Amp Pro Acoustic Panel Package provides a high-performance acoustic solution and simplifies even the most complex room acoustic arrangements. Thanks to its easy-to-assemble and disassemble feature, this package can be easily moved and used not only within a room but also in other venues.
This package improves acoustic quality while providing significant sound insulation. Especially the maximum absorption provided by “High Wave” panels at low-frequency (BASS) sounds largely eliminates low-frequency echoes that may occur during recording. This ensures professional recordings are carried out cleanly and with high quality.

Flawless Acoustic Experience with Mosaic Diffuser Pro

The “Mosaic Diffuser Pro” panels included in the package further enhance system performance and perfect the acoustic experience. Thanks to these special panels, the sound quality and overall acoustic environment in your living and working spaces significantly improve.

Durable and Long-lasting Solution

The Guitar Amp Pro Acoustic Panel Package offers a durable and long-lasting acoustic solution. Prepared with high-quality materials, this package can be used for many years. With its practicality and high performance provided, this package is the choice of professional musicians and sound technicians.

Product Details

18 kg
Golden Oak, Black
Acoustic Foam & PlyWood
Flammability class
Furniture Class
Cargo Volume
0.75 m3
Cargo Weight
21 kg

Areas of usage

  • Control Room
  • Recording Room
  • Home Studio
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Post & Production Studio
  • Drum Booth
  • Home Theater
  • Hi-Fi
  • Meeting Room
  • Audiotorium
  • Office