Bass Trap Pro60 – Acoustic Panel

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Bass Trap Pro60 Acoustic Panel: A Versatile Solution for Perfect Acoustic Experience

The Bass Trap Pro60 Acoustic Panel is a versatile product designed to trap low-frequency sound waves and improve room acoustics. This panel, which offers both bass trapping and reflective and diffusive features, is ideal for solving your acoustic problems.

Address Low-Frequency Acoustic Issues with the Bass Trap Feature

Bass sound waves, especially those trapped in corners, can be eliminated by using the Bass Trap Pro60 placed in the same corners. This helps control the low-frequency sounds in your space, providing a better acoustic experience.

Achieve Acoustic Balance with Reflective and Diffusive Features

The front surface of the Bass Trap Pro60 acoustic panel is made of wood and acts as a “Helmholtz Resonator”. With this structure, it contributes to the acoustic balance in your space by reflecting and diffusing sound waves.
The acoustic panel, which is perforated and available for sale, also has a “Diffuser” feature due to its design. As a result, the reflection and diffusion of sounds occur more effectively, enhancing the quality of the acoustic environment.

Professionals’ Choice: Bass Trap Pro60

The Bass Trap Pro60 Acoustic Panel, developed after extensive research, repeatedly answers why it is among the indispensables of professionals when considering its impact at low, mid, and high frequencies and all its functionality. With its ability to control bass sounds and its reflective and diffusive features, the Bass Trap Pro60 offers a perfect acoustic experience, making it an ideal choice for acoustic solutions.

Product Details

60 cm
4.5 cm
60 cm
1.25 kg
Golden Oak, Black, White & More
Acoustic Foam & PlyWood
Flammability class
Furniture Class
Absorption range
C | (αw) = 0,90
Cargo Volume
0.04 m3
Cargo Weight
2.15 kg

Areas of usage

  • Control Room
  • Recording Room
  • Home Studio
  • Broadcast Studio
  • Post & Production Studio
  • Vocal Booth
  • Drum Booth
  • Home Theater
  • Hi-Fi
  • Meeting Room
  • Audiotorium
  • Office


Bass Trap Pro60 – Acoustic Panel Absorption Coefficient